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  • Title: Paris-city.fr, your Paris city guide. France Paris visiting
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Sitemap.. Quick Navigation.. -------------------------------.. HOMEPAGE.. CITY OF PARIS.. - Geography.. - Economy.. - Birth of the capital.. - Paris in the middle ages.. - Since the Renaissance.. - Works since the 19th century.. - History of the metro.. - Paris in the 20th century.. - Its quarters.. - Its political environment.. -------------------------------.. ART AND CULTURE.. - Monuments.. - Unmissable attractions.. - The palaces.. - The Icons of Paris.. - Renowned museums.. - Original museums.. - Specialist museums.. - Others buildings.. - Art and media.. - Others.. - Culturals events.. - Culturals exhibitions.. - Fairs.. - Trade show.. - Libraries.. - Some Famous Figures.. STUDY IN PARIS.. - Paris schools.. - Different training.. - Higher studies.. - Need information?.. ACCOMMODATION.. - Youth hostels.. - Apartment exchange.. - Hotel).. - Camping.. LEISURE AND OUTING.. - Eating out.. - Fashionable restaurants.. - Bistros.. - Theme cafes.. - Tea rooms, Ice cream parlour.. - On a budget.. - Cornershops.. - Going out.. - Clubs/Discotheques.. - Cinemas.. - Cabarets.. - Theatres.. - Concert hall.. - Classical ambiance.. - Festivities and Festivals.. - Sports venues.. - Shopping.. - The Passageways and galleries.. - The markets.. - Not to be missed!.. - Parks and gardens.. - Parisians squares.. - Bridges.. - Canals.. - Operas.. - Zoological gardens/farms.. - Unusual spots.. - Outside Paris.. PRACTICAL INFOS.. - Transports.. - Bus.. - Metro.. - Cycling.. - Roller-skating/rollerblading.. - Boating on the Seine.. - Boating on the canals.. - Others transports.. - Formalities.. - Health.. - Services.. - Telecommunications.. - Banks/currency exchange.. - Late opening.. - Free services and good tips.. - Weather/Infos traffic.. - Security.. - Emergency numbers.. GALLERIES PHOTOS.. USEFUL LINKS.. CONTACT.. SITE MAP.. City of  ...   to ensure that you spend an enjoyable time in Paris, such as we have tried to provide here.. So don’t wait any longer, come and discover the magical places that numerous famous characters have made renowned as the.. City of Light.. You will see Paris from a different perspective, gain an appreciation for the city and learn why it enjoys such international celebrity.. Make the most of your time here by getting involved in the culture of Parisian life, meeting people and maybe even making lifelong friendships.. News.. With 80.. 000 more visitors than in 2006, the.. Eiffel Tower.. welcomed nearly 7 millions of people in 2007 (6.. 893.. 000 exactly).. Among them were more than 2.. 000 students from.. ACCORD School.. !.. Monuments and Museums.. Discover the monuments and museums that take pride of place in the Paris.. Also, don't miss out on the chance to explore the surrounding region.. Studying in Paris.. For the studious among you, there are many schools throughout Paris.. Whether you’re interested in learning French or another subject there is an embarrassment of choice in the capital.. Going out in Paris.. Cinema, theatre, cabaret, night clubs, sports venues.. Paris is replete with activities to keep you entertained.. Transport.. Looking for an efficient mode of transport to get about in the capital ? Find out about the different possibilities.. PARTNERS :.. Music News.. Rock, Jazz Blues CDs.. Learn French in Paris.. Business French course.. Paris Junior Programs.. Learn English in England.. Business English Program.. Need a translation?.. For teachers of French.. Learn French in France.. French Exercise Tests.. Back.. Top.. Tell a friend.. Add to your bookmarks.. Webmaster.. mentions légales.. PARIS-CITY.. FR 2006 - 2008..

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  • Title: Paris-city.fr : Votre guide touristique de la ville de Paris
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    Descriptive info: Warning.. : session_start() [.. function.. session-start.. ]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /homez.. 64/pariscit/www/GB/site-map.. php:2) in.. /homez.. 64/pariscit/www/GB/crypt/cryptographp.. fct.. php.. on line.. 1.. ]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /homez.. Site map.. Homepage.. Paris City.. Paris City of Light.. Geography-Economy.. With the wire of time.. -.. Birth of the Capital.. Paris in the Middle Ages.. Since the Renaissance.. Major works since the 19th Century.. History of the Metro.. Paris in the Twentieth Century.. Its quarters.. Parisian Quarters.. Others parisians quarters.. Its politicals environment.. Paris Heritage.. Monuments.. Unmissable Attractions.. The Palaces.. The Icons of Paris.. Museums.. Renowned Museums.. Specialist  ...   Paris Logings.. Youth Hostels.. Apartment Exchange.. Hotels.. Camping.. Leisure and Outing.. Paris Outing.. Eating out.. Haute Cuisine.. Fashionable Restaurants.. Bistros.. Theme Cafes.. Tea Room, Ice Cream Parlour.. On a Budget.. Cornershops.. Going out.. Clubs/Discotheques.. Cinemas.. Cabarets.. Theatres.. Concert Hall.. Classical Ambiance.. Festivities and Festivals.. Sports Venues.. Shopping.. The Department Stores.. The Passageways and Galleries.. The Markets.. Not to be missed!.. Parks and Gardens.. Parisians Squares.. Bridges.. The Canals.. Operas.. Zoological Gardens/Farms.. Unusual Spots.. Outside Paris.. Paris Good Tips.. Airports.. Bus.. Metro.. Cycling.. Roller-Skating/Rollerblading.. Boating on the Seine.. Boating on the canals.. Others transports.. Telecommunications.. Banks/Currency Exchange.. Late Opening.. Free Activities and Good Tips.. Weather/Infos Traffic.. Galleries Photos.. Useful Links.. Contact.. Contact the Webmaster..

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  • Title: Paris city of light - Visiting Paris, Sightseeing in Paris, Visit museums and monuments
    Descriptive info: City of light.. PARIS, CITY OF LIGHTS.. Paris city of lights Length: 1mn32 Author: travelermedia “Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine” goes the melancholy verse of Appolinaire.. Over the course of time, Paris has grown up around the Seine.. Well situated geographically, Paris is a capital that has been bestowed with gifts by the ages – monuments inherited from a history of 2,000 years.. From Notre-Dame-de-Paris, commenced in 1163, to the François Mitterand National Library inaugurated in 1995, the city is dotted with numerous iconic monuments.. Paris is a veritable living post card where a thousand lights never cease to shine, lighting up the sky and revealing all the magic of a capital filled with history.. Paris city Daytour Full of intrigues of politics and money, a city replete with places to discover across diversede districts each with a unique character of its own : its culture, its artists, its museums, its  ...   Appolinaire.. Well situated.. geographically.. , Paris is a capital that has been bestowed with gifts by the ages monuments inherited from a history of 2,000 years.. From Notre-Dame-de-Paris, commenced in 1163, to the.. François Mitterand National Library.. inaugurated in 1995, the city is dotted with numerous iconic.. monuments.. Paris is a veritable living post card where a thousand lights never cease to shine, lighting up the sky and revealing all the magic of a capital filled with.. history.. Paris city Daytour.. Length: 6mn56.. Author: myguyjrmy.. Full of intrigues of.. politics and money.. , a city replete with.. places to discover across diversede.. districts.. each with a unique character.. of its own : its culture, its.. artists.. , its.. museums.. , its.. magical squares,.. bridges.. ,.. its.. parks and gardens.. shopping.. nightlife.. that s Paris !.. Paris by day, Paris by night, under the sun or under the rain, Paris will always be Paris!..

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  • Title: Paris art and culture - History of Paris, the city of art
    Descriptive info: Paris Art and Culture.. PARIS ART AND CULTURE.. The capital of the arts,.. the City of Light.. , universally recognised as one of the world s most beautiful cities, Paris possesses an enormous cultural richness which it owes, not only to its.. , but also to its formidable heritage.. With,.. its monuments.. ,.. its museums.. , its great.. buildings.. libraries.. famous characters.. , Paris never ceases to transport us through time and  ...   very active in this domain, a notable example being the many.. fairs.. and.. conventions.. that it hosts.. This capacity that Paris has for hosting a wide range and high concentration of business activities is what forms the image of a city that is dynamic, innovative, creative and competitive.. Paris opens it arms wide constantly comes up with new ideas and activities to make us discover and rediscover this historic and charming city..

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  • Title: Learn french in Paris - Study french school in Paris, study in Paris
    Descriptive info: LEARNING FRENCH.. ACCORD LANGUES.. Institut Supérieur Privé.. 14 boulevard Poissonnière.. 75009 Paris - France.. Tél : 33 (0) 1 55 33 52 33.. Fax : 33 (0) 1 55 33 52 34.. French-Paris.. com.. postmaster@accord-langues.. OTHER SCHOOLS MEMBERS OF SOUFFLE:.. Elfe.. Ecole de Langue Française pour Etrangers.. Etablissement Privé d'Enseignement Supérieur.. 8 Villa Ballu (entrée par le 23 rue Ballu).. Eurocentres Paris.. 13 passage Dauphine.. 75006 Paris - France.. Our suggestion for a school in which to learn French:.. Different schools in Paris offer a number of methods for learning French as a foreign language, oriented towards.. language training.. or towards.. higher studies.. In this regard, you will need to find out about the different schools that exist in the city.. If you are looking to use French on a professional level, mastering vocabulary appropriate to the French business world.. ; courses specialising in business French are available with the.. establishment, which also offer courses specialising.. in law, tourism, art and economics.. To enrol, simply contact Accord Langues:.. ACCORD.. is a language school in cooperation the universities of Paris V, Paris VII and Paris VIII.. Useful links :.. www.. parisetudiant.. Several reasons to learn French:.. French is the 11th most widely spoken language in the world.. French is an official language of 33 countries.. French is spoken in two of the G7 countries.. French is the native language of 75 million people.. 200 million people in the world understand, speak, read or write French.. French is the official language of the international postal service.. French is one of the official languages of  ...   rates of inflation in the European Union, which can be used as a indicator of good economic health.. France is the 4th world power, and in contrast to other large industrialised nations, it is not indebted (a positive sign for scientific and economic collaboration.. The French economy is the 4th largest in the world, after the USA, Japan and Germany.. France is the third greatest exporter and fourth greatest manufacturer of automobiles in the world.. France is the second greatest exporter of agricultural products, after the United States.. France exports more per capita than Japan, while Japanese exports are more than double those of the United States.. France is the fourth greatest exporter in the world.. Moreover, there exists in France many schools where the foreigners can come to learn French in Paris as testifies the following examples to them:.. To consult the websites of Accord Langues.. (click here to find out about.. the location of the school.. ),.. click on the following links:.. SCHOOL OF FRENCH LANGUAGE.. STUDY FRENCH IN PARIS.. LEARN FRENCH WHILE HAVING FUN !.. TEACHING FRENCH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE.. LEARN FRENCH IN FRANCE.. Several accommodation arrangements (.. youth hostels.. ) are available in partnership with Accord.. If you wish to learn about other schools in Paris, you should consult.. the Paris Tourism Office.. In a more conventional way, you can learn French while following courses to.. the university.. or while following other types of.. formations.. (art, kitchen, drawing etc).. You can also supplement your training of French while strolling in.. the bookshops.. or.. the libraries.. to document you..

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  • Title: Paris lodgings - Accommodation in Paris France
    Descriptive info: PARIS LODGINGS.. Where to sleep when you arrive in a big city like Paris ?.. Like any other big city, Paris is full of possibilities for a place to stay.. You can stay in a residence if you are a student, with a host family if you want to immerse yourself in French culture, in.. a youth hostel.. , a.. hotels.. , or indeed make.. an apartment exchange.. Paris also offers the unusual and fun option of outdoor.. camping.. All in all you don t have any excuses for not coming and spending some time in Paris, and getting a taste of real Parisian life !.. Book Your Hotel Here.. Select your date.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. January.. February.. March.. April..  ...   Kroner.. Hong Kong - Dollars.. Hungarian - Forint.. India - Rupees.. Israel-Shekel.. Malaysia - Ringgit.. Mexico - New Pesos.. New Zealand - Dollars.. Norwegia - Kroner.. Russian - Rouble.. Singapore - Dollars.. South African - Rand.. South Korea - Won.. Sweden - Krona.. Switzerland - Francs.. Taiwan - Dollars.. Thailand - Baht.. Venezuela - Bolivar.. Select a district.. Arc de triomphe / West Paris.. Bastille / Nation / Lyon Station.. Champs Elysees / Madeleine.. Louvre / Notre Dame / Marais.. Montmartre / Sacre Coeur.. Montparnasse / Place d Italie.. Opera / Department Stores.. République / North Station.. Saint Germain / Quartier Latin.. Eiffel Tower / Invalides.. Hotels near airports.. Orly Airport.. Roissy Airport.. Hotels near train stations.. Austerlitz Station.. Lyon Station.. Montparnasse Station.. North Station, East Station.. St Lazare Station.. Disneyland Paris.. La Defense.. Palais des Congres.. Parc des expositions.. Stade de France.. Versailles.. Ile de France..

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  • Title: paris sorties
    Descriptive info: Outings in Paris.. LEISURE AND OUTINGS.. Follow your guidebook and go about the discovery of Paris through its.. restaurants.. night clubs.. cinemas.. cabaret shows.. theatres.. concerts.. and musicals.. All of which combine to make sure there s never a dull moment for tourists in the City of Light.. Paris is a cosmopolitan city where people of all nationalities are mixed together, this is particularly noticeable from the cultural diversity visible in.. the city s districts.. If you feel the need for refreshment from the summer heat, why not dive into one of the city s swimming pools ?.. Or if you feel you ve taken on a few too many calories, you could always drop in to one of the many gyms or.. sports grounds..  ...   city without visiting.. the big department stores,.. the passageways.. , the art galleries or indeed.. the markets.. , to have really had the whole experience of the city.. Or if it s more your kind of thing, there are multitude of places to enjoy a walk? Wander through the.. parks.. , the.. zoo.. , the gardens, along the.. canals.. banks or by the river and across the.. bridges.. of the capital.. Among the more.. unusual places.. that await you are the catacombs, the sewers and the cemeteries If you have a preference for countryside visits you will easily find lots of magical and historic places to visit in.. the surrounding region.. So don t hesitate any longer, come and make your mark upon the city !..

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  • Title: Paris good trips - Paris city tour
    Descriptive info: Practical informations.. PRACTICAL INFORMATIONS.. Your visit to Paris will be organised and complete if you plan well ahead and put in order all the things that you want to do.. Here you will find all the websites and tourist information to help you with your stay.. Don t hesitate to regularly consult this rubric for important information regarding.. transport.. administrative formalities.. health.. free and paying  ...   of the.. Paris Tourist Information Office.. , where you will find lots of information to help you spend an enjoyable time in the capital.. Paris is a city to be discovered with each corner of street: historical.. , architecture,.. avenues.. With the occasion of an excursion, furrow the capital in.. bus.. , minibus,.. the tourist train.. in boat.. in bicycle.. in roller.. or.. by the airs..

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  • Title: Geography of Paris - Architecture of Paris city
    Descriptive info: GEOGRAPHY OF PARIS.. Paris, the capital of France and of the Ile de France region, covers a surface area of 105 km and has a population, according to the last census in 1999, of 2,125,246.. At the end of the 20th century, the Paris agglomeration counted 11,131,412 inhabitants, of which 2,147,274 within the city proper.. Parisians make up 19.. 4% of the population of the Ile de France region (estimated 1st January 2003).. The overall population of the region has been in constant decline for over 70 years.. Paris is administrative department 75, and within the department, the city is divided into 20 administrative arrondissements.. The arrondissements are set out in the form of a spiral, with the first arrondissement in the centre and the numbers increasing outwards in a clockwise direction.. Paris occupies the heart of a sedimentary basin in the western reaches of the great plains of Northern Europe.. In the centre of the fluvial plain of the Seine, the city lies just downstream of the Seine-Marne confluence and upstream of the confluence with the Oise.. The naturally occurring waterway crossroads explains the existence and exceptional development over fifteen centuries of this urban pole.. More precisely, Paris formed around the.. l'île de la Cité.. at the junction of two great waterways.. The north-south.. axis weaves between the hills of.. Montmartre.. Belleville.. over the hillock of la Chapelle, the gateway to.. gares du Nord et de l'Est.. the Saint-Martin canal.. At Châtelet in the centre,.. the east-west.. axis runs alongside the Seine on the right bank, through.. la Bastille.. Louvre.. and the.. Champs-Élysées.. , over to.. the suburbs in Chaillot.. and beyond,.. la Défense.. From there, the axis runs along Rue Saint-Martin and Rue Saint-Denis, crosses the Seine at the.. pont au Change.. and climbs up the.. right bank.. , following the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève.. This axis was followed underground when the first.. metro line.. was built, inaugurated in 1900, the line ran from Porte Maillot to Vincennes (later extended to Neuilly in the west).. This route through the city is dotted with prestigious.. , which, together with the presence of Place de l Etoile and Nation at either end of the line, then the forests of.. Vincennes.. Boulogne.. beyond, demonstrates the east-west symmetry of the city.. City facts :.. Insee.. The UNESCO.. has classified as a collective world heritage site over.. 30 bridges.. that cross the Seine in Paris, from Pont-Neuf, completed in 1607, to Pont Charles de Gaulle, inaugurated in 1996.. Upriver, the banks of the Seine have changed radically since the 1980 s; the right bank has seen the emergence of the ZAC (Concerted Development Zone) at.. Bercy.. , with the new Ministry of the Economy rising above the river.. The opposite bank is occupied by the big construction zone of Tolbiac, dominated by the four towers of the National Library, now called the.. Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand.. (architect : Dominique Perrault).. Once past the.. gare de Lyon.. (right bank) and the.. d'Austerlitz.. (left bank), the Seine moves into the historical heart of Paris, flowing around the little islands of Ile Saint-Louis and Ile de la Cité.. There, in an area of less than 20 hectares, are gathered the.. Cathedral Notre-Dame.. , the Hôtel-Dieu and, inside the walls of the old.. royal palace,.. Sainte-Chapelle.. and the.. Palais de justice.. Just across the river, on the right bank, stands the.. Hôtel de ville.. Beyond, the Seine stretches before the long colonnade of the Louvre.. Further to the west are the.. Jardin des Tuileries.. Place de la Concorde.. on the right bank.. The monuments here bring to mind the Universal Expositions that took place in Paris: the.. Eiffel tower.. , put in place for the exposition of 1889; the.. Petit et Grand Palais.. (1900); the.. Palais de Chaillot.. (1937).. Before leaving Paris the Seine passes the.. Maison de la Radio.. and the towers of operation Front de Seine.. Paris has served for ten centuries as a political capital for a number of reasons: its geographical situation in the centre of the Parisian basin, which is the site of important river confluences; the busy crossroads that it naturally forms for road and rail networks, as well as busy flight paths; its easy access to the sea via the navigable river Seine; its proximity to North-Western Europe, which is one of the most concentrated industrialised and urbanised regions in the world.. Paris is in a marginal position relative to the industrial axis that stretches from Rotterdam to Milan, however the putting in place a European fast rail network would largely compensate for  ...   more conferences,.. salons.. expositions.. than any other city in the world.. Some of the city s attractions are visited by more than a million visitors each year, notably.. the Pompidou Art Cultural Centre.. the Eiffel Tower.. , or outside the city:.. Disneyland-Paris.. , at Marne La Vallée.. Certain.. , of course, will always remain.. the must-see.. spectacles for tourists:.. the Arc de Triomphe.. Notre-Dame.. Pantheon.. , or the Palais des.. Invalides.. Of course, tourists also make up a great number of the visitors to the 200.. , the 120.. and music venues and the.. : 200,000 rooms are available in Ile de France, three quarters of them in the capital.. The wholesale food business was radically transformed by the transfer from Les Halles to Rungis, which has become a unique centre for the redistribution of produce, not only throughout the whole of France but even overseas.. The greatest concentration of head-quarters and power centres are located in the west of the city.. Since 1977, Paris has been administrated by a mayor elected by universal suffrage.. Jacques Chirac.. was the first person to be elected to that post.. The Elysée Palace.. , residence of the President of the Republic, is situated on the right bank of the Seine, behind the gardens of the Champs-Elysées.. The ministries are located on the other side of the river, in sumptuous buildings in Faubourg Saint-Germain (such as.. Hôtel Matignon.. , the residence of the prime minister).. Nearby, and closing the perimeter inside which are gathered the central powers, the Palais Bourbon houses the.. Assemblée Nationale.. , facing.. , and the.. Palais du Luxembourg.. , constructed for Marie de Medici in the early 17th century, which now houses the.. Senate.. The relocation of the Ministry for Public Facilities to the Grande Arche de la Défense didn t very much change the geography of the official palaces.. The centres of economic and financial power are almost exclusively on the right bank, in the quarters most marked by Haussmann s works, between.. Opéra.. and Place de.. Étoile.. This business quarter, based around the Banque de France and the stock exchange, or.. Bourse.. (1808-1826, architect Brongniart) the second in Europe after London, has been expanding steadily towards the west.. There you can find the headquarters of various insurance companies, banks and big businesses, but equally the area has many luxury stores: jewellers in the.. Place Vendôme.. , big car dealerships on the Champs-Elysées and.. fashion houses.. on Avenue Montaigne.. On the left bank, within the triangle formed by the.. Natural History Museum.. , the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Institut de France, can be found the most prestigious academic establishments in France:.. Sorbonne.. the Collège de France.. The cultural vocation of the quarter is further emphasised by the presence of numerous publishing houses and by the general literary life that animates the area around the church of Saint-Germain-des-Près.. The right bank is not entirely left out: the Palais Royal, which was home to the Orleans family, was in the 18th century one of the centres of the Enlightenment movement.. Napoleon I also made an impact on the right bank when he decided to transform the Louvre into a museum.. With the construction of the Georges Pompidou Centre for Art Culture, the Picasso Museum,.. the Cité des Sciences at La Villette.. the Bastille Opera.. , cultural points of interest were installed in parts of the city that had, until then, been quite barren.. While the west of Paris developed a bourgeois and plush character, the eastern districts have long housed a working class population and various industrial and trade activities.. The story of the Commune of Paris and the inexorable march of the Versailles forces from west to east, until the Wall of the Federates in.. Père Lachaise cemetery.. , illustrate this political and social asymmetry in the city.. The presence of the.. Saint-Martin canal.. , the major freight stations (North, East, Tolbiac) and the warehouses of Bercy explains the location of materials handling and conversion activities in the north and east of the city.. Bastille was traditionally the quarter of the cabinet makers, while the rug makers of Manufacture des Gobelins set up shop close to Place d Italie.. The desire to rebalance the city towards the east, combined with the departure of industry from the city, brought about efforts to rapidly install tertiary activities in these districts a prime example is the ZAC at Bercy.. Simultaneously, the arrival of wealthier residents in the east of Paris is gradually changing the social composition of that part of the city..

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  • Title: Paris business capital
    Descriptive info: ECONOMY.. A dynamic, political, administrative, financial, cultural and educative capital; 80% of the residents of Paris are employed in the tertiary sector.. The city brings together a concentration of political institutions, embassies, administrative headquarters, international organisations (.. OCDE.. Unesco.. , corporate headquarters (especially around the.. Champs Elysées.. Opera.. ).. ), Europe s second biggest stock exchange after London, prestigious.. universités.. , and notable tourist centres (.. Disneyland.. ), 40% of the employment in the greater Paris region is found within the city walls, with only 23% of the population.. Efforts to decentralise have seen a great many jobs move out to Defense, the satellite towns or elsewhere in the greater Paris region (administrative centres, corporate headquarters, big schools like the Polytechnique or the Centrale ), or out of the region entirely (ENA).. In spite of decentralisation and an extensive modern public transport network, traffic jams in the capital due to commuting remain considerable.. One of the characteristics that Paris has retained since the time of the monarchy is a strong sociological and economic contrast between the east and the west of the city.. This phenomenon arose in Paris for the same reason it arose on London; the wealthier inhabitants had no desire to subject themselves to the city s cloud of factory smoke, which was carried towards the east by prevailing winds.. In fact the very beginning of the east-west divide dates back to Henri IV s choice of the Louvre as his residence, back in the early 16th century.. The royal court followed the king to that part of the city and had great mansions constructed in the Saint-Honoré area.. The focus moved to.. Saint-Germain.. near the end of the 17th century, as it was on the road to.. Overall, there is an overrepresentation of qualified workers in the city s population..  ...   its public incubators , which are structures that host young businesses and offer them non-profit services.. Out of the 168 projects that the agency has dealt with to date, 116 new businesses have been created, which represents a success rate of 69% and the creation of 799 jobs.. After this creation phase, businesses can develop on their own or benefit from business nurseries , such as (Paris Biopark, Paris Cyber Village).. The agency also organises events: their Matinales have become an important monthly meeting for business creators to find and exchange information; then there is the grand prize for innovation, which is awarded each year to a project judged to have great potential.. Last year, the prize went to a company called Léosphère, for their production of technology for measuring air quality.. The two brothers at the origins of the company have now installed their business in the Paris Innovation nursery.. They signed their first contract in October 2004.. During a business trip to China to promote their new technology, the brothers observed that the positive international image of Paris helped the credibility of their project.. Other organisations, such as the business incubator, Boutique de Gestion (Management Shop) or indeed the Maisons du Développement Economique et de l Emploi (Houses of Economic and Employment Development), exist to help people interested in starting a new business in any sector.. Information on.. Paris and its development.. Information on starting a business, the Maisons du Développement Economique et de l Emploi and Boutiques de Gestion can be found on the.. ECONOMIE DE PARIS.. website.. The Parisian budget for 2005 is essentially based on three areas: social emergencies, access to lodgings and employment, and the fight against inequality.. It is a budget that has given an important place to investment, increasing by 34% from 2004.. Source:www.. paris.. fr..

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